New methodologies submitted and other methodological issues

New methodologies submitted and other methodological issues

(1) Methodologies

(a) The following proposals on new baseline and monitoring methodologies have been submitted to the CDM Executive Board for its review and are available for public input from 17 August - 06 September 2006:

NM0184: Improved heat rates and capacity enhancement of Gas Turbines at RIL Jamnagar, through retrofit for Inlet Air Cooling
NM0185: Khon Kaen fuel ethanol project
NM0186: Increased electricity generation from existing hydropower stations
through Decision Support System optimization in Azerbaijan
NM0187: Permata Hijau Group Cogeneration Biomass Project
NM0188: East Coast Power Plant (S) Sdn. Bhd. 13MW biomass power generation project
NM0189: Shanghai Bailonggang Sludge Treatment Project
NM0190: Caracol Knits Trigeneration Project
NM0191: Vitale SA Biomass Co-Generation Project
NM0192: Recovery and utilization of flare waste gases at the Industrial Complex of La Plata Project

(b) The following proposed new baseline and monitoring methodologies have been re-submitted (B cases) for consideration by the Meth Panel at its next meetings and are available in the UNFCCC CDM website:

NM0141-rev: Displacing grid/off-grid steam and electricity generation with less carbon intensive fuels in Aba, Nigeria
NM0150-rev: Ghana efficient lighting retrofit project
NM0152-rev: Celpa, Celtins and Cemat grid connection of isolated systems CDM Project

(c) Technical clarifications to the following proposed new methodologies have been provided:

NM0108-rev: Biodiesel production and switching fossil fuels from petro-diesel to biodiesel in transport sector - 30 TPD Biodiesel CDM Project in Andhra Pradesh, India
NM0134-rev: Paramonga CDM Bagasse Boiler Project
NM0138-rev: American Israel Paper Mill (AIPM) Natural Gas Cogeneration
NM0159: Implementation of an Efficiency Testing, Consumer Labelling and Quality-Assurance Program for Air Conditioners in Ghana
NM0160: Shell Cogeneration Project
NM0161: Mondi Gas Turbine Co-generation in Richards Bay, South Africa
NM0163: Use of calcined ashes and fluorite for clinker production in the Cement Plant of Huichapan, Mexico
NM0165: Feed switchover from Naphtha to Natural Gas (NG) at Phulpur plant of IFFCO

NM0166: Please be informed that the final recommendation of NM0166: "JISL biomethanation of biodegradable waste for thermal applications" by the Meth Panel is also available on the CDM website as no clarifications have been
received as a response to the preliminary recommendation of the Panel. This recommendation will be under consideration at the next meeting of the CDM Executive Board.

The above submitted documentation is available under the following link:

(d) In addition, please be informed that requests for revision of approved methodologies have been received. Further information on these submissions is available on the UNFCCC CDM website at


(2) Afforestation and Reforestation methodologies

Technical clarifications to the following proposed new A/R methodologies have been provided:

ARNM0021: Chocó-Manabí Corridor Reforestation and Conservation Carbon Project
ARNM0024: San Nicolás CDM Reforestation Project

The submitted documents are available under the following link:


(3) SSC Public Inputs received

Please be informed that the comments received on the public call for inputs below are available in the UNFCCC CDM website at

The Board at its twenty-fifth meeting noted that the share of registered SSC type II energy efficiency project activities in the CDM project pipeline is small. The Board agreed therefore to launch a call for inputs from the public on the following questions:

- Does the current definition (eligibility limits) of type II small-scale CDM project activities pose barriers to developing projects under this type?
- Are there other barriers in this regard that relate to methodological issues?