UNFCCC launches help desk for DNAs

UNFCCC launches help desk for DNAs

The UNFCCC has launched a new initiative to support designated national authorities (DNAs) in under-represented regions and countries in an effort to improve their level of participation in the Kyoto Protocolís clean development mechanism (CDM).

The help desk is available for DNAs in Africa, least developed countries (LDCs), small island developing states (SIDS) and countries that had 10 or fewer registered CDM projects as of 31 December 2010. Though the help desk is set up to support DNAs, it is possible for project participants and designated operational entities (DOEs) to liaise with DNAs to submit a request on their behalf.

The DNA Help Desk is designed to support DNAs in three areas: standardized baselines, grid emission factors and additionality of microscale project activities. Requests may be made on any aspect of these three areas. For example, DNAs could inquire about the requirements of specific procedures or standards that may be unclear or seek advice on how standardized baselines can help project development in their country.

Qualifying DNAs can make an inquiry by submitting the required form to dna_helpdesk@unfccc.int. The form is available on the DNA Help Desk web page <https://cdm.unfccc.int/DNA/helpdesk/> and will also be sent to DNAs directly via email. DNAs will receive acknowledgement of their email within three working days and further details on the timeline for a response soon after.

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