Improvement of methodologies and tools

Improvement of methodologies and tools

We would like to highlight that, following the procedures contained in Annex 2 of the 54th meeting of the CDM Executive Board, the Methodologies Panel has initiated a revision of several methodologies and tools:

•AM0023: Leak reduction from natural gas pipeline compressor or gate stations

•AM0030: PFC emission reductions from anode effect mitigation at primary aluminium smelting facilities

•AM0031: Baseline Methodology for Bus Rapid Transit Projects

•ACM0016: Baseline Methodology for Mass Rapid Transit Projects

•“Tool to determine methane emissions avoided from disposal of waste at a solid waste disposal site”, and the

•“Tool to determine project emissions from flaring gases containing methane”.

The purpose of the revision is to simplify these methodologies and tools, enhance their objectivity and environmental integrity, as well as further improve their applicability, usability and consistency.

We would like to seek comments on these methodologies to assist with the improvement. Comments submitted by 15 May 2011 on these methodologies and tools can be taken into account in the current revision. To submit comments and suggestions please follow this link:


Clicking the “Submit comments” button next to each listed methodology will open a simple form for entering comments.

You need to register as user of the UNFCCC CDM website to submit comments.

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