Highlights and report of the 48th CDM Executive Board meeting

Highlights and report of the 48th CDM Executive Board meeting

St. George’s, Grenada, 17 July 2009 – The CDM Executive Board took important policy decisions at its 48th meeting and agreed to register, with corrections, the first programme of activities (PoA), which could herald the long-awaited scaling up of the clean development mechanism.
CUIDEMOS Mexico (Campana De Uso Intelegente De Energia Mexico), a programme established to distribute energy efficient light bulbs to households across Mexico, came a step closer to being the first PoA registered under the CDM. The Board has asked for corrections, which once supplied by the programme’s designated operational entity (DOE) would allow the registration to take effect.
Under PoAs, several project activities across a wide area can be registered under a single administrative umbrella. Thus, PoAs could facilitate a scaling up and streamlining of the CDM.
Working through a packed agenda, the Board also adopted procedures by which project participants notify the Board and request approval for any changes in their project activity as described in the registered project design document. The procedures, and complementary guidelines for assessing different types of changes, reflect the practical realities of project implementation.
The Board also adopted “Guidelines for conducting completeness checks of requests for registration and issuance”, which should enhance efficiency in the processing of requests for registration and issuance, and provide DOEs with a clearer understanding of the expected quality standard, and thus result in fewer requests for review.
Of note, the 48th meeting was preceded by a two-day policy retreat, 11-12 July, where the Board considered in detail how to deliver on the improvements requested by the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol last December in Poznan, Poland. The discussions were informal and very constructive, resulting in an initial list of measures that could be implemented covering the breadth of CDM operations. The results will feed into a follow-up retreat, prior to the Board’s 49th meeting in September.
EB48 was held at St. George’s University at the invitation of the Grenadian Government. The Board was received by the Prime Minister of Grenada, Mr. Tillman Thomas, who took a keen interest in the mechanism.
Executive Board Chair Lex de Jonge said that by holding the Board’s meeting in Grenada some light was shone on the CDM in the region. He expressed the hope that “this increased exposure, together with other measures being taken to make the CDM more accessible, will lead to a meaningful level of involvement here in the Caribbean and elsewhere where the CDM has yet to take firm root.”

For a full report of the meeting see <https://cdm.unfccc.int/EB/index.html>. For further information contact David Abbass, CDM Public Information Officer, <dabbass@unfccc.int>.

About the Kyoto Protocol’s clean development mechanism
The CDM allows emission-reduction projects in developing countries to earn certified emission reduction (CER) credits, each equivalent to one tonne of CO2. CERs can be traded and sold, and used by industrialized countries to meet a part of their targets under the Protocol. The CDM assists countries in achieving sustainable development and emission reductions, while giving industrialized countries some flexibility in how they meet their emission targets.

Annexes to the report:

Membership issues
Annex 1 - Documents related to conflict of interest

Annex 2 - CDM accreditation standard for operational entities (version 01.1)
Annex 3 - Procedure for accrediting operational entities by the CDM EB (version 9.1)

Annex 4 - AM0082 "Use of charcoal from planted renewable biomass in the iron ore reduction process through the establishment of a new iron ore reduction system" (version 01)*
* Due to technical problems with the images of this file, it will be replaced not later than 22 July 2009
Annex 5 - AM0083 “Avoidance of landfill gas emissions by in-situ aeration of landfills” (version 01)
Annex 6 - AM0031 “Baseline Methodology for Bus Rapid Transit" (version 02)
Annex 7 - AM0034 “Catalytic reduction of N2O inside the ammonia burner of nitric acid plants (version 03.3)
Annex 8 - AM0036 “Fuel switch from fossil fuels to biomass residues in boilers for heat generation (version 02.2)
Annex 9 - AM0061 “Methodology for rehabilitation and/or energy efficiency improvement in existing power plants" (version 02.1)
Annex 10 - ACM0006 “Consolidated methodology for electricity generation from biomass residues in power and heat plants" (version 09)
Annex 11 - "Guideline for the reporting and validation of plant load factors (version 01)
Annex 12 - "Tool to determine the baseline efficiency of thermal or electric energy generation systems" (version 01)
Annex 13 - "Guidelines to calculate the fraction of Methane in the landfill gas from periodical measurements" (version 01)

Small- scale methodologies
Annex 14 - “AMS-III.AE.Energy efficiency and renewable energy measures in new residential buildings” (version 01)
Annex 15 - “AMS II.A Supply side energy efficiency improvements – transmission and distribution” (version 10)
Annex 16 - “AMS-II.C Demand-side energy efficiency activities for specific technologies” (version 13)
Annex 17 - “AMS-III.A Offsetting of synthetic nitrogen fertilizers by inoculant application in legumes grass rotations on acidic soils on existing cropland” (version 02)
Annex 18 - “AMS III.D Methane recovery in animal manure management systems” (version 15)
Annex 19 - “AMS-III.E Avoidance of methane production from decay of biomass through controlled combustion, gasification or mechanical/thermal treatment” (version 16)
Annex 20 - “AMS-III.F Avoidance of methane emissions through controlled biological treatment of biomass” (version 08)
Annex 21 - “AMS-III.H Methane recovery in wastewater treatment” (version 13)
Annex 22 - “AMS-III.I Avoidance of methane production in wastewater treatment through replacement of anaerobic systems by aerobic systems” (version 08)
Annex 23 - “AMS-I.D Grid connected renewable electricity generation” (version 14)
Annex 24 - “AMS-I.C Thermal energy production with or without electricity” (version 15)

Matters relating to the registration of CDM project activities
Annex 25 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 1577
Annex 26 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 1815
Annex 27 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 2095
Annex 28 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 2100
Annex 29 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 2117
Annex 30 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 2125
Annex 31 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 2218
Annex 32 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 2304
Annex 33 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 2360
Annex 34 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 2361
Annex 35 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 2369
Annex 36 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 2380
Annex 37 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 2382
Annex 38 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 2383
Annex 39 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 2393
Annex 40 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 2398
Annex 41 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 2404
Annex 42 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 2405
Annex 43 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 2410
Annex 44 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 2413
Annex 45 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 2416
Annex 46 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 2418
Annex 47 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 2419
Annex 48 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 2420
Annex 49 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 2425
Annex 50 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 2426
Annex 51 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 2433
Annex 52 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 2435
Annex 53 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 2437
Annex 54 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 2439
Annex 55 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 2441
Annex 56 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 2449
Annex 57 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 2450
Annex 58 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 1913
Annex 59 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 2052
Annex 60 - Guidelines on completeness checks of requests for registration (version 01)
Annex 61 - Revision to "Guidelines for the demonstration and assessment of prior consideration of the CDM" (version 02)
Annex 62 - Standardized form for the notification for the prior consideration of the CDM (F-CDM-Prior consideration) (version 01)

Matters relating to the issuance of CERs and the CDM registry
Annex 63 - Scope of review (issuance) - Project 0261
Annex 64 - Scope of review (issuance) - Project 0373
Annex 65 - Scope of review (issuance) - Project 1441
Annex 66 - Procedures for notifying and requesting approval of changes from the project activity as described in the registered PDD (version 01)
Annex 67 - Guidelines on assessment of different types of changes from the project activity as described in the registered PDD (version 01)
Annex 68 - Guidelines on completeness check of requests for issuance

Management plan and resources for the work on the CDM
Annex 69 - Status of resources and pledges to support 2009 CDM activities

Other matters
Annex 70 - Revised calendar of meetings for 2009 (version 04)
Annex 71 - Provisional agenda for EB49