Highlights and report of the 49th CDM Executive Board meeting / tracking facility for CDM project stakeholders

Highlights and report of the 49th CDM Executive Board meeting / tracking facility for CDM project stakeholders

Bonn, 11 September 2009 – The CDM Executive Board paused briefly this week to note registration of the mechanism’s first programme of activities (PoA), an energy efficient light bulb project in Mexico, before returning to a packed agenda of policy matters and cases. Under PoAs, several project activities across a wide area can be registered under a single administrative umbrella.

The Board’s work actually began six days prior to the close of the 49th meeting, when the Board met for the second of two policy retreats to consider improvements to the operation of the CDM. Discussions were informal and constructive, and resulted in a list of measures covering the full operation of the CDM, including the support provided by the secretariat. The results from the retreats, the first of which was held in Grenada in July, will feed into a recommendation on improvement of the CDM, for consideration by the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol in Copenhagen in December.

The Board, in a key policy development, agreed on a policy framework to identify and address non-compliance by designated operational entities (DOEs). The framework better enables the secretariat to institute a process to deal with issues relating to DOE performance in a systematic manner.

In another matter, the Board decided to suspend SGS United Kingdom Ltd. as a DOE for CDM until identified non-conformities with accreditation requirements have been corrected. The Executive Board will be working with SGS to ensure early resolution of these non-conformities.

Last December in Poznań, Poland, Parties to the Kyoto Protocol requested that the Board consider two new areas for inclusion in the CDM: projects involving carbon capture and storage and projects involving forests in exhaustion. Both were considered, and will be considered again at the Board’s next meeting, in Bangkok, Thailand, 13–16 October.

Related to another matter flagged by Parties in Poznań, the Board reviewed progress on improving transparency and access to its decisions and rulings, and revised its document on classification and hierarchy of decisions.

Status of submissions of requests for issuance tracked on CDM website
The secretariat of the UNFCCC is pleased to announce the launch of a new tracking facility for CDM project stakeholders on the UNFCCC CDM website.

The secretariat is now providing stakeholders with real-time* information updates on the status of submissions of requests for issuance undergoing completeness check.
The page provides information on the requests that have been submitted by a designated operational entity (DOE) and which are now:

- Awaiting assessment of completeness by the UNFCCC secretariat
- Awaiting further inputs from the DOE
- Awaiting a second completeness check following resubmission by a DOE.

The page can be accessed at: <https://cdm.unfccc.int/Issuance/completeness_check.html>

* Please note that the page will be updated every 10 minutes


Annexes to the report:

Membership issues
Annex 1 - Documents related to conflict of interest

Annex 2 - SGS United Kingdom Ltd. - Details of non-conformities and identified corrective actions
Annex 3 - Policy framework to monitor performance and address non-compliance by DOEs (version 01)

Annex 4 - Procedures for requests to the Executive Board for deviation from an approved methodology (version 01)
Annex 5 - Form for submission of requests for deviation from methodology (F-CDM-DEV-METH) (version 01)

Matters relating to the registration of CDM project activities
Annex 6 -Scope of review (registration) - Project 1745
Annex 7 -Scope of review (registration) - Project 2124
Annex 8 -Scope of review (registration) - Project 2127
Annex 9 -Scope of review (registration) - Project 2152
Annex 10 -Scope of review (registration) - Project 2381
Annex 11 -Scope of review (registration) - Project 2427
Annex 12 -Scope of review (registration) - Project 2445
Annex 13 -Scope of review (registration) - Project 2461
Annex 14 -Scope of review (registration) - Project 2471
Annex 15 -Scope of review (registration) - Project 2504
Annex 16 -Scope of review (registration) - Project 2507
Annex 17 -Scope of review (registration) - Project 2508
Annex 18 -Scope of review (registration) - Project 2511
Annex 19 -Scope of review (registration) - Project 2519
Annex 20 -Scope of review (registration) - Project 2530
Annex 21 -Guidelines for the consideration of request for review and review cases (version 01)
Annex 22 - Revision to "Guidelines for the demonstration and assessment of prior consideration of the CDM' (version 03)

Matters relating to the issuance of CERs and the CDM registry
Annex 23 - Scope of review (issuance) - Project 0028
Annex 24 - Scope of review (issuance) - Project 0170
Annex 25 - Scope of review (issuance) - Project 0966
Annex 26 - Procedures for requests for deviation prior to submitting request for issuance (version 01)
Annex 27 - Form for submission of requests for deviation prior to submitting request for issuance F-CDM-DEV-ISS (version 01)
Annex 28 - Procedures for revising monitoring plans in accordance with paragraph 57 of the Modalities and Procedures of the CDM (version 02)
Annex 29 - Form to submit request for revision of monitoring plan F-CDM- REVMP (version 01)

Management plan and resources for the work on the CDM
Annex 30 - Status of resources

Other matters
Annex 31 - Definitions of document types issued by the Board (version 02)
Annex 32 - Provisional agenda for EB50

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