New SSC methodologies submitted

New SSC methodologies submitted

Small Scale Methodologies

(1) The following proposal on new SSC methodologies have been submitted to the CDM Executive Board for its review and is available for public input from 04 - 15 July 2011.

SSC-NM066: Switch from non-renewable biomass for feedstock applications in agriculture
SSC-NM067: Methane oxidation layer (MOL) for solid waste disposal sites
SSC-NM068: Rural electrification by extension of existing low carbon intensive electricity distribution network
SSC-NM069: Super-Efficient Major Domestic Appliances

The submitted documentation is available under the following link:>

(2 )New requests for clarification/revision of approved SSC methodologies have been received. Further information on this submissions is available on the UNFCCC CDM website at: <>