Newly registered CDM projects / request for registration / input at validation stage

Newly registered CDM projects / request for registration / input at validation stage

-> "SRS Bagasse Cogeneration Project", India
-> "Tétouan Wind Farm Project for Lafarge Cement Plant", Morocco

-> "Santa Rosa" - 23 Sep 05(*)
-> "DSL Biomass based Power Project at Pagara" - 23 Sep 05(*)

(*) Kindly note that the activity will be registered as a CDM project activity on this date, unless a request for review is being submitted by one of the Parties involved or three members of the CDM Executive Board at 17:00 GMT the day before this date.

Please note that the following 14 activities have been proposed as CDM project activities since the last announcement on 19 September 2005 (3 days ago). DOEs are seeking input for about 60 activiites at validation stage in accordance with CDM rules. In total input on about 280 avtivities, including the 60 activities, has been sought. For detail and access to DOE input pages please refer to <>

-> Energy efficiency projects - Steam system upgradation at the manufacturing unit of Birla Tyres, India
-> Ugar Sugar Project, India
-> 125 MW wind power project in Karnataka, India, India
-> Aços Villares Natural gas fuel switch project, Brazil
-> Greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction by implementing energy efficient plough share mixer (PSM) technology in soap manufacturing at Hindustan Lever Limited (HLL), India, India
-> 12MW Captive Power Project based on Waste Heat, India
-> Shift to low greenhouse gas emitting vehicles for materials transport to and from Doom Dooma plant of HLL, India
-> Fuel oil to natural gas switch at Solvay Indupa do Brasil S.A., Brazil
-> Kalyani Steels Limited Project, India
-> Southeast Caeté Mills Bagasse Cogeneration Project (SECMBCP), Brazil
-> Moldova Energy conservation and greenhouse gases emissions reduction, Republic of Moldova
-> Emission reduction through partial substitution of fossil fuel with alternative fuels like agricultural by-products, tyres and municipal solid waste (MSW) in the manufacturing of portland cement at Grasim South Cement, Tamilnadu, India., India
-> Moldova Biomass Heating in Rural Communities Project, Republic of Moldova
-> 4.5 MW Biomass (low density Crop Residues) based Power Generation unit of Malavalli Power Plant Pvt Ltd., India
-> 6.5 MW biomass based (rice husk) power generation by M/s Indian Acrylics Ltd. and replacement of electrical power being imported from state electricity grid/ surplus power supply to grid, India
-> Nardini Bagasse Cogeneration Project (NBCP), Brazil
-> Biogas Sector Partnership Nepal (BSP-Nepal) Activity-1, Nepal
-> Waste Heat Based 7MW Captive Power Project, India
-> Central Izalco Cogeneration Project, El Salvador
-> JSBL Waste Heat Recovery Based Captive Power Project, India
-> 10 MW Biomass (Rice Husk) Based Power Generation Unit of M/s Rukmani Power and Steel Ltd., India
-> Bethlehem Hydroelectric Project South Africa, South Africa
-> Electric Power Co-Generation by LDG Recovery – CST - Brasil, Brazil
-> Tres Valles Cogeneration Project, Honduras
-> Biogas Sector Partnership Nepal (BSP-Nepal) Activity-2, Nepal
-> Rio Taquesi Hydroelectric Power Project, Bolivia
-> Use of waste gas use for electricity generation at Jindal Thermal Power Company Limited (JTPCL), India
-> OSIL - Waste Heat Recovery Based Captive Power Project, India