Methodological issues

Methodological issues

The following proposed new baseline and monitoring methodologies have been re-submitted (B cases) for consideration by the Meth Panel and are available on the UNFCCC CDM website:

- NM0203-rev: Energy efficiency improvements of Pucheng Power Plant through retrofitting turbines in China
- NM0209-rev: Reduction in GHGs emission from primary aluminium smelter at Hindalco, Hirakud India
- NM0216-rev: Highveld Vanadium-Iron Smelter Energy Efficiency Project

The following proposed new methodologies were sent from the Meth Panel through the DOE to the project participants to invite clarifications to the preliminary recommendations and technical clarifications to the following proposed new methodologies were provided:

- NM0181-rev: Introduction of a new primary district heating system - Houma District Heating project, Shanxi Province, P.R.C.
- NM0212: SF6 Switch at Dead Sea Magnesium
- NM0222: Conversion of SF6 to the Alternative Cover Gas SO2 in Magnesium Production in China

The above submitted documentation is available under the following link: <>.

In addition, new requests for revision and new requests for clarification of approved methodologies have been received. Further information on these submissions is available on the UNFCCC CDM web site at (for revisions) and at (for clarifications).