Registration(s) / Request(s) for registration / activities at valdiation stage

Registration(s) / Request(s) for registration / activities at valdiation stage

-> "DSL Biomass based Power Project at Pagara", India
-> "Santa Rosa", Peru
-> "APCL proposed 7.5 MW Mustard Crop Residue based Power Project" - India
The total of registered CDM activities is 29.

-> "JCT Phagwara Small Scale Biomass Project", India - 21 Nov 05(*)
->"Cuyamel Hydroelectric Project", Honduras - 26 Nov 05.
"18 MW Biomass Power Project in Tamilnadu", India - 24 Dec 05 (*)
-> "GHG emission reduction by thermal oxidation of HFC 23 at refrigerant (HCFC-22) manufacturing facility of SRF Ltd", India - 24 Dec 05(*)
-> "20 MW Kabini Hydro Electric Power Project, SKPCL, India", India - 25 Dec 05(*)
-> "N2O Emission Reduction in Paulínia, SP, Brazil", Brazil - 25 Dec 05(*)
-> "BII NEE STIPA", Mexico - 25 Dec 05(*)

Project participants of more than 350 activities have contracted a DOE to undertake validation which so far resulted in a total of 55 requests for registration submitted by DOEs since the end of 2004. 23 cases, including above, are in the period of 4/8 weeks which leads to automatic registration unless a review is requested.

(*) Kindly note that the activity will be registered as a CDM project activity on this date, unless a request for review is being submitted by one of the Parties involved or three members of the CDM Executive Board at 17:00 GMT the day before this date.

DOEs are seeking input for nearly 90 activities at validation stage in accordance with CDM rules. For detail and access to DOE input pages please refer to <>