Newly registered CDM projects / request for registration / input at validation stage

Newly registered CDM projects / request for registration / input at validation stage

-> "Landfill Gas Extraction and Utilization at the Matuail landfill site, Dhaka", Bangladesh
-> "Landfill gas extraction on the landfill Villa Dominico, Buenos Aires", Argentina

-> "Poechos I Project", Peru - 14 Nov 05 (*)

(*) Kindly note that the activity will be registered as a CDM project activity on this date, unless a request for review is being submitted by one of the Parties involved or three members of the CDM Executive Board at 17:00 GMT the day before this date.

Please note that the following activities have been proposed as CDM project activities since the last announcement. DOEs are seeking input at validation stage in accordance with CDM rules. For detail and access to DOE input pages please refer to <>

-> 6.5 MW biomass based (rice husk) power generation by M/s Indian Acrylics Ltd. and replacement of electrical power being imported from state electricity grid/ surplus power supply to grid, India
-> Cogeneration system based on biomass (rice-husk) replacing oil fired boiler for process steam and generating power for partly replacement of grid power supply to the plant at M/s Indian Acrylics Ltd., District Sangarur, Punjab, India
-> Moldova Biomass Heating in Rural Communities Project no.2, Republic of Moldova
-> Power generation from proposed 11.2 MW waste heat recovery boiler at the ISA smelt furnace, of the copper smelter, Sterlite Industries India Limited (SIIL), Tuticorin, Version 01, dated August 19, 2005 , India
-> Sri Balaji 6 MW Non-Conventional Renewable Sources Biomass Power Project, India
-> Khorat Waste To Energy Project (KWTE), Thailand
-> Northeast Caeté Mills Bagasse Cogeneration Project (NECMBCP), Brazil
-> RSCL cogeneration expansion project, India
-> Maguan Daliangzi Hydro Power Project, China
-> Demand-side energy efficiency programme in the ‘Humidification Towers’ of Jaya Shree Textiles , India
-> LaGeo, S. A. de C. V., Berlin Geothermal Project, Phase Two, El Salvador
-> La Higuera Hydroelectric Project, Chile
-> Puente Gallego Landfill gas recovery project, Gallego, Rosario, Argentina
-> Chambal Power Ltd (CPL) proposed 7.5 MW biomass based power project at Rangpur, Kota District, Rajasthan, India
-> Durban Landfill-gas-to-electricity project – Mariannhill and La Mercy Landfills, South Africa
-> Dolowal, Salar and Bhanubhura Mini Hydroelectric Project, India
-> AWMS GHG Mitigation Project, MX05-B-09, Nuevo León, México
-> Babanpur, Killa and Sahoke Mini Hydroelectric Projects, India
-> 4.5 MW Biomass (Agricultural Residue) Based Power Generation Unit of M/s Matrix Power Pvt. Ltd. (MPPL), India
-> Photovoltaic kits to light up rural households in Morocco, Morocco
-> Ajbapur Sugar Complex Cogeneration Project , India
-> Lohgarh, Chakbhai and Sidhana Mini Hydroelectric Projects , India
-> Chumporn applied biogas technology for advanced waste water management, Thailand
-> João Lyra Bagasse cogeneration project, Brazil
-> 20 MW Natural Gas based combined cycle package cogeneration power plant at Mayiladuthurai Taluk, Nagapattinam District, Tamil Nadu, India
-> Sihwa Tidal Power Plant CDM project , Republic of Korea
-> Solar steam for cooking and other applications , India
-> AWMS GHG Mitigation Project BR05-B-08, Paraná, Santa Catrina, and Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
-> AWMS GHG Mitigation Project, MX05-B-14, Jalisco, México
-> AWMS GHG Mitigation Project, MX05-B-04, Jalisco, México
-> TSIL – Waste Heat Recovery Based Power Project , India
-> Emission reduction through partial substitution of fossil fuel with alternative fuels like agricultural by-products and Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) in the manufacturing of portland cement at Vikram Cement (VC), Neemuch (MP), India