Report of EB 30 available

Report of EB 30 available

Please be informed that the report of the thirtieth meeting of the CDM Executive Board (21 - 23 March 2007), including its annexes, is now available on the UNFCCC CDM website. Please refer to <>.

Annexes to the report:
Annex 1 - Clarification for project participants on when to request a revision, clarification to an approved methodology or deviation
Annex 2 - Revised procedures for the revision of an approved baseline or monitoring methodology by the Executive Board
Annex 3 - Revised terms of reference for the Methodologies Panel

Matters relating to the registration of CDM project activities
Annex 4 - Scope of review (registration) - Project 0785

Annex 5 - Status of resources and pledges to support 2007 CDM activities

Other business
Annex 6 - Provisional agenda for EB31