Call for methodology experts

Call for methodology experts

Please be informed that at the UNFCCC CDM web site ( you have the opportunity to apply online to the CDM roster of experts of methodologies.

In accordance with the "Procedures for submission and consideration of a proposed new methodology" agreed by the CDM Executive Board, whenever a proposed new methodology is submitted to the UNFCCC secretariat, CDM Meth Panel may select two methodology experts from a roster of experts, to be maintained by the UNFCCC secretariat, to undertake a desk review to appraise the validity of the proposed new methodology.

Experts should meet the competence requirements available at the UNFCCC CDM web site to be selected for the roster of experts (for information on competence requirements please visit

Interested applicants should:
- meet the competence requirements established in the procedures for submission and consideration of a proposed new methodology
- complete the United Nations Personnel History form P11 (MS word format)
- submit through an online application through the following link below

For information on how to apply, selection process and work conditions please visit the UNFCCC CDM web site and follow the link "Call for experts" or go directly to the page