Input for proposed new methodologies / Access to re-submitted cases

Input for proposed new methodologies / Access to re-submitted cases

The following proposed new methodologies have been submitted to the CDM Executive Board for its review and are now open for public inputs:

- NM0017: Steam System Efficiency Improvements in Refineries in Fushun, China
- NM0018: Metrogas package cogeneration project
- NM0019: A.T. Biopower rice husk power project
- NM0020: La Vuelta and La Herradura hydroelectric project

In accordance with the “procedures for submission and consideration of a proposed new methodology” the secretariat shall make the proposed new methodology publicly available on the UNFCCC CDM web site and invite public inputs for a period of 15 working days. Public inputs on a proposed new methodology shall be made using the “Proposed new methodology - public comment form”(F-CDM-NMpu). Comments shall be forwarded to the Meth Panel at the moment of receipt and made available to the public at the end of the 15 working day period.

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The following proposed baseline and monitoring new methodologies have been re-submitted for consideration of the CDM Executive Board and are publicly available in the UNFCCC CDM web site:

- NM0001-rev: Vale do Rasario Bagasse Cogeneration project - Revision of new methodology submitted
- NM0005-rev: Nova Gerar landfill gas to energy project
- NM0010-rev: Durban landfill gas to electricity project (Call for input pages for NM 0017- 0020 are also accessible from this page)

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