Check out the reworked/restructered UNFCCC CDM web site

Check out the reworked/restructered UNFCCC CDM web site

Please note and share with colleagues the following information.

We have the pleasure to announce that the UNFCCC CDM web site has been reworked/restructured and a few features added.

We hope that information is now more easily at the tip of your finger. At the bottom of each page, the reader is provided with a suggestions box. We encourage you to use this feature to provide us feedback to assist us in improving the site's information structure, page content and layout etc.

For substantive enquieries, is maintained.

For some of the new interactive functions of the site a registration (username and password) is required. For consulting the site, however, no special action is required.

The site's URL remains the same:

Within the next days we will stop to include other listservers in the UNFCCC CDM News facility. Another message will be sent shortly providing details on this issue.

CDM Team