Proposed new methodologies submitted / Recommendations by Meth Panel

Proposed new methodologies submitted / Recommendations by Meth Panel

(1) The following proposals on new baseline and monitoring methodologies have been submitted to the CDM Executive Board for its review and are available for public input from 09 May 2005 - 27 May 2005:

- NM0103: Andijan District Heating Project
- NM0104: V&M do Brasil Renewable Reducing Agent Project
- NM0105: Bus Rapid Transit System for Bogotá, Colombia: TransMilenio Phase II to IV
- NM0106: Optimisation of linker use in the Ramla Cement Plant in Israel through investment in grinding technology
- NM0107: Waste Gas-based cogeneration system for power & steam generation
- NM0108: Biodiesel production and switching fossil fuels from petro-diesel to biodiesel in transport sector - 30 TPD Biodiesel CDM Project in Andhra Pradesh, India
- NM0109: Sunflower Methyl-Ester Biodiesel Project in Thailand
- NM0110: Mitigation of Methane Emissions in the Charcoal Production of Plantar, Brazil
- NM0111: Baseline Methodology for catalytic N2O destruction in the tail gas of Nitric Acid Plants
- NM0113: Mondi Gas Turbine Co-generation in Richards Bay, South Africa
- NM0112: Increased electricity generation from existing hydropower stations through Decision Support System optimization
- NM0114: Improved Efficiency of Electrical Power System Generation through Advanced SCADA Control Systems and Related Energy Management Protocol
- NM0115: CO2, electricity and steam from renewable sources in the production of inorganic compounds
All submitted documentation is available under the following link:

ARNM0004 : 'Treinta y Tres' afforestation combined with livestock intensification
ARNM0005 : The Mountain Pine Ridge Reforestation Project (MPR Project)
ARNM0006 : Bagepalli CDM Afforestation Programme
All submitted documentation is available under the following link:

In accordance with the "procedures for submission and consideration of a proposed new methodology", the secretariat, having checked that the "CDM proposed new methodology forms" have been duly filled by the DOEs and documentation provided by the DOEs is complete, forwarded the documentation to members of the Meth Panel for quality assessments of the submissions. As the above-mentioned cases were graded 1, the documentation shall be considered as received by the Board and be forwarded by the secretariat for consideration of the Board and the Meth Panel. The date of transmission to the Executive Board is to be considered as the date of receipt of a proposed new methodology by the Board.

(2) Please be informed that the final recommendations of the CDM Meth Panel on the following proposals for new baseline and monitoring methodologies are now available in the UNFCCC CDM web site (

NM0082: Khon Kaen fuel ethanol project
NM0088: Jorf Lasfar heat recovery enhancement for power project
NM0092: Transalloys Manganese Alloy Smelter Upgrade and Energy Efficiency Project in South Africa

The project participants of these proposals have decided not to submit clarifications to the preliminary recommendation of the Meth Panel. In accordance with the procedures of submission and consideration of a proposed new methodology, if project participants do not provide any clarification related to the preliminary recommendation by the Meth Panel within a ten-day period it shall be considered as a final recommendation, forwarded to the Executive Board and made publicly available.