Draft re-formatted methodologies available / Call for CDM AR experts

Draft re-formatted methodologies available / Call for CDM AR experts

(1) Please be informed that the "re-formatted versions" of cases NM0040, NM0048 rev, NM0042 rev and NM0061 recommended for approval by the Meth Panel at its fourteenth meeting are now available in the UNFCCC CDM web site (please see http://cdm.unfccc.int/Panels/meth OR http://cdm.unfccc.int/methodologies/PAmethodologies/publicview.html). Due to some technical issues the "re-formatted versions" of cases NM0031-rev2 and NM0041 will be available on a later stage.

(2) Please be informed of the continuos call for experts for the roster of experts who undertake desk reviews of new baseline and monitoring methodologies for afforestation and reforestation CDM project activities.

The selection of the applicants to be included in this roster is the responsibility of the CDM Afforestation and Reforestation Working Group (CDM AR WG) of the CDM Executive Board. The UNFCCC roster of experts for CDM methodologies is maintained by the UNFCCC secretariat.

Interested applicants should:
- meet the competence requirements* established in the procedures for submission and consideration of a proposed new methodology
- complete the United Nations Personnel History form Personel history form (P11 form)*
- submit through an on-line application through the UNFCCC CDM web site

Work conditions for a desk reviewer:
- being included in the roster of experts does not imply that the expert will undertake a desk review
- the amount paid for a desk review is a daily fee of US$400 for three days (total amount US$ 1,200)
- the selected expert has ten days to undertake the desk review
- need to sign a contractual agreement

* Please see http://cdm.unfccc.int/Panels/ar/CallForExperts for further information on referred documents

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