Proposed new methodologies submitted

Proposed new methodologies submitted

The following proposals on new baseline and monitoring methodologies have been submitted to the CDM Executive Board for its review and are available for public input as of today:

- "ARNM0001: The Mountain Pine Ridge Reforestation Project"
- "NM0067: Gerdau Carbonisation Improvement Project"

In accordance with the "procedures for submission and consideration of a proposed new methodology" and the "procedures for submission and consideration of a proposed new methodology for afforestation and reforestation project activities under the CDM", the secretariat shall make the proposed new methodologies publicly available on the UNFCCC CDM web site and invite public inputs for a period of 15 working days.

Public inputs on a proposed new methodology shall be made using the "Proposed new methodology - public comment form" (F-CDM-NMpu or F-CDM-AR-NMpu). Comments shall be forwarded to the Meth Panel or AR WG at the moment of receipt and made available to the public at the end of the 15 working day period.

For call for inputs please visit the URL:

- Methodologies for CDM project activities:

- Methodologies for afforestation and reforestation CDM project activities: