CDM Call for inputs - AM0001

CDM Call for inputs - AM0001

The Executive Board, at its fifteenth meeting, taking into consideration information that emerged since the approval of AM0001, agreed to request its Methodologies Panel to review the methodology AM0001 “Incineration of HFC 23 waste streams” and make a recommendation on the possible revision in order to address, inter alia, the potential leakage, for consideration of the Board.

The Board further agreed that such revision shall be completed no later than four months and that this methodology should be put on hold in the meantime.

In order to ensure transparency of the process, the Board is opening a call for public input in relation to the approved methodology AM0001 “Incineration of HFC 23 waste streams” on the UNFCCC CDM web site from 22 September to 7 October 2004.

The Board further agreed that the Methodologies Panel shall consider these comments with a view to making recommendations to the Board. To further the consideration in the Methodology Panel, inputs to the following topics would be particularly useful:

- Possible alternative approaches to assessing the baseline scenario for destruction of HFC 23 in the HCFC 22 industry;
- Common practices in this industry, complementing previously available information; and
- Possible impacts of such project activities on the supply and demand of HCFC 22.

Public comments should be send to the UNFCCC secretariat before 7 October 2004 (17:00 CET) to the email address below:

Where this is not possible, kindly send it to the following address:

UNFCCC Cooperative Mechanisms Programme
POBox 260124
D-53153 Bonn Germany

Inputs should be received by 7 October 2004.

For more information please visit the UNFCCC CDM web site (