Comments on consolidated additionality tools

Comments on consolidated additionality tools

The CDM Excutive Board, at its fifteenth meeting, considered the recommendation by its Methodologies Panel for consolidation of tools for demonstration of additionality for CDM project activities and agreed on a draft contained in annex 3 of its report.

The Board requested the secretariat that this draft is made publicly available for comments on the UNFCCC CDM web site from today to 21 September 2004 and further agreed that it shall consider these comments with a view to making recommendations to the Board at its sixteenth meeting.

Public comments should be send to before 21 September 2004 (17:00 CET) to:

Where this is not possible, kindly send it to the following address:

UNFCCC Cooperative Mechanisms Programme
POBox 260124
D-53153 Bonn Germany

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