Completeness Check
Submission incomplete:
1.In line with para 141-147 and para 168-171 of the CDM project cycle procedure for programme of activities, only changes to the PoA-DD can be submitted under the post-registration changes (PRC) track. Changes to component project activities shall be done via notification of changes as per section 6.3 of the PCP.

In addition, while conducting completeness check we have observed that the same set of documents have been submitted as the previous submission without addressing the issues raised.

2.There is an inconsistency of the crediting period for CPA 99004-0006 between the monitoring report (01//11/2016-31/10/2023) (page 4) and the CPA view page (01/11/2016 - 31/10/2022). Please note that the information in the monitoring report must correspond to the information provided on the CPA view page irrespective of the CPA submitted with the request for issuance.