Completeness Check
Submission incomplete:
1. The verification/certification report on page 12 section E.3.2.1 and monitoring report on page 7 section C.3.1 refer to post-registration changes "Temporary deviations" however, no PRC is submitted with this request for issuance. Kindly clarify.

Please note that as indicated in the verification and certification report as well as the monitoring report this Issuance request also covers temporary deviation in the CPA along with the issuance request. However as temporary deviation is not submitted with this request we will mark this request incomplete in order for you to re-submit the request with temporary deviation.

2.There is an inconsistency in the cross referencing of the monitoring report version. The verification/certification report refers on page 25 section H and on page 30 Appendix 3 reference number 1 to final monitoring report version 3 dated 16/06/2021 whereas the final monitoring report is version 3 dated 15/06/2021.