Project 3224 : Cable Cars Metro Medellín, Colombia
Project title Cable Cars Metro Medellín, Colombia
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SDC description report SDC Description Report_3224_ver.1_valid as of 24 June 2015


Host Parties Colombia , involved indirectly approval (563 KB) authorization (563 KB)
Authorized Participants: Empresa de Transporte Masivo del Valle de Aburrá Ltda. (ETMVA) ; Centro Nacional de Produccion Mas Limpia y Tecnologias Ambientales
Other Parties Involved Switzerland , involved indirectly approval (577 KB) authorization (577 KB)
Authorized Participants: Grütter Consulting AG ; Foundation myclimate - The Climate Protection Partnership (withdrawn as of 11/08/2017)
Sectoral scopes 7 : Transport
Activity Scale SMALL
Methodologies Used AMS-III.U. - Cable Cars for Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS)
Standardized baselines used N/A
Amount of Reductions 17,290 metric tonnes CO2 equivalent per annum
Fee level USD 1958.0
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Modalities of Communication
MoC Annex 1
Modalities of Communication valid as of 09/03/2012
MoC Annex 2 (Withdraw Project Participant (Voluntary)) valid as of 11/08/2017
MoC Annex 2 (Add Project Participant) valid as of 04/11/2011
Registration Date 26 Apr 10   (view history)  
Crediting Period 26 Apr 10 - 25 Apr 17 (Renewable)
Requests for Issuance
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Monitoring report: 26 Apr 2010 - 30 Apr 2012 (973 KB)
Issuance request state: Issued
CERs requested up to 31 December 2012: 16663
Serial Range: Block start: CO-5-6744003-1-1-0-3224      Block end: CO-5-6760665-1-1-0-3224
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