Renewal of crediting period cases

Undergoing completeness check (1)
Ref Name DOE
3784 Huaneng Shanxi Ningwu Dongmafang Phase I Wind Farm Project CEC

Undergoing information and reporting check (4)
Ref Name DOE
0349 Sihwa Tidal Power Plant CDM Project TUEV-SUED
4217 Bujagali Hydropower Project RWTUV
3124 Huaneng Tongliao Zhurihe Phase I Wind Farm Project CEC
1165 PROBIOGAS-JP – Joćo Pessoa Landfill Gas Project ESPL

Published (10)
Ref Name DOE
4800 San Clemente Hydroelectric Power Plant AENOR
1052 Chacabuquito Hydroelectric Power Project ESPL
4685 Inner Mongolia Bayannur Wulanyiligeng 300MW Wind Power Project CCCI_DOE
4878 Sichuan Dafan Hydropower Project CTCCCP
1128 Shandong Weihai 69 MW Wind Power Project CTI
4550 Dak Pone Hydropower Project RWTUV
4875 Sichuan Rongzehai Hydropower Project CTCCCP
4795 Inner Mongolia Jingneng Saihan Wind Farm Phase II Project CTI
0164 Bandeirantes Landfill Gas to Energy Project (BLFGE) RINA
4806 Sichuan Jinwa Hydropower Project CTCCCP

Review requested (1)
Ref Name DOE
1590 China Tongwan Hydropower Project CTCCCP

Rejected (0)
Ref Name DOE