Stakeholder Interaction


The CDM Executive Board is committed to productively engaging, collaborating and consulting with stakeholders to identify and improve upon existing standards, procedures and guidelines documenting the requirements under the CDM. Only through a full engagement with stakeholders can areas for improvement be identified and a clearer understanding of CDM requirements be achieved by all, thus improving the quality of submissions.

Supporting the Board in this work is the secretariat's Strategy, Collaboration and Communication (SCC) unit, which organizes workshops and roundtables, manages direct communications with the Board, launches and compiles call for public inputs, provides regulatory documents in all six UN languages and reviews and analyses DOE annual activity reports and outputs of DOE performance monitoring.


Fully engaging with stakeholders requires a forum where free discussion, exchange of ideas and demonstration of methods of practical application of skills and principles can be encouraged. Therefore the secretariat, in collaboration with stakeholders, organizes workshops and roundtables throughout the year to share best practices, enhance understanding and provide a platform for exchange of ideas.


2014 workshops and roundtables:





  • Validation and Verification Manual (VVM) workshops
  • DOE/AIE Co-ordination Forums
  • Accreditation Standard Workshop
  • Designated National Authority Forums
  • Designated National Authority Trainings
  • DNAs Briefing on the CDM-Validation and Verification Manual CDM-VVM Workshop
  • Practitioners Workshop on SSC Renewable Energy and Demand side Energy Efficiency Methodologies
  • CDM Roundtables [02] [01]

Direct communication with the CDM Executive Board

Direct communication with the CDM Executive Board initiated by stakeholders is an important source for identifying areas for improvement and gathering feedback from the stakeholder community. AEs/DOEs, DNAs, project participants and other stakeholders may make a non-case specific request for clarification or guidance, or feedback to the Board. In consultation with the Chair of the Board, the Secretary of the Board initiates action, as needed, and answers them on behalf of the Chair, as appropriate.

Letters submitted from stakeholders are available here.

See Also: How do I communicate with the Executive Board? under the FAQ section

Call for public inputs

When preparing new regulatory documents or a major revision of existing documents that have a significant impact on stakeholders, the secretariat on behalf of the CDM Executive Board or its support structures (panels and working groups) launches a call for input to seek views of stakeholders on the areas to be covered/revised in the different documents and the concerns that it should address. The duration of calls for input is decided on a case by case basis and a deadline is provided for submissions related to each call.

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