Post-registration change requests for prior approval – published

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ReferenceTitleCurrent StateLast update
PRC-10233-001 Biomass based power project of VPL Withdrawn
PRC-10014-002 The program to improve energy independence of public sewerage system through biogas increased efficiency in Korea Summary note being prepared 12 Mar 2018
PRC-0207-001 Alto Alegre Bagasse Cogeneration Project (AABCP) Awaiting DOE clarifications 09 Nov 2012
PRC-8530-001 30MW Solar PV - Monte Plata Awaiting DOE clarifications 22 Nov 2017
PRC-4532-001 Biomass based power project of Rayapati Power Generation Private Limited Awaiting DOE clarifications 09 Jun 2015
PRC-9626-001 DelAgua Public Health Program in Eastern Africa Awaiting DOE clarifications 02 Jun 2015
PRC-1254-004 The TIMARPUR-OKHLA Waste Management Company Pvt Ltd's (TOWMCL) intergrated waste to energy project in Delhi Summary note being prepared 12 Mar 2018
PRC-7359-003 PoA for the Reduction of emission from non-renewable fuel from cooking at household level Summary note being prepared 05 Mar 2018
PRC-3125-001 Biogas Recovery at Ulu Kanchong Palm Oil Mill Awaiting DOE clarifications 13 Aug 2013