Call for input on the tool "Demonstration of additionality of small-scale project activities" (TOOL21). (24 October to 7 November 2017, 24:00 GMT)

The Methodologies Panel (MP) was seeking inputs on the analysis and recommendations with regards to the revision of the tool “Demonstration of additionality of small-scale project activities” (TOOL21) as contained in MP 74 Annex 14

The Board requested the MP to explore options for replacing the unit size criterion in the positive list (i.e. provision in paragraph 11(c) of TOOL21) with an expanded positive list of technologies in TOOL21 that includes specific distributed unit technologies that would provide services to households/communities/small- and medium-sized enterprises. (EB94 report, para. 47).

The scope of the public input included but was not limited to the analysis and recommendations contained in the Annex mentioned above.

Stakeholders were invited to provide their inputs on the tool in the commenting table found here

The call for inputs from stakeholders was open from 24 October to 7 November 2017, 24:00 GMT.

The public inputs will be taken into account when preparing the final draft tool to be recommended to the Board at a future meeting.

Submission Date Submission
05 November 2017 at 14:22 GMT+1 Johny Drep (23 KB)
06 November 2017 at 22:12 GMT+1 Yuko Nagata (74 KB)