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Reference Proposed New Methodology Current Status Last update
NM0385 Hazardous Oily Waste Remediation and Processing for Oil Recovery Submission not approved 26 Mar 24
NM0382 Production of Geopolymer Cement Submission approved 26 Mar 24
NM0381 Emission reduction by hydrogen production from renewable energy sources Submission approved 29 Sep 23
NM0380 Recovery of methane-rich vapours from hydrocarbon storage tanks, separators or stabilization containers Submission approved 13 Sep 21
NM0379 Emission reduction from partial switching raw materials and increasing the share of additives in the blended cement production Submission approved 07 Oct 20
NM0378 Use of renewable sources of carbon instead of fossil sources in the production of thermoplastic resins and its components Submission not approved 07 Oct 20
NM0377 Energy saving through the use of the reverse osmosis technology in the water desalination process Submission not approved 23 May 22
NM0376 Extraction of methane from virgin coal bed CBM Blocks before mining activity Withdrawn 02 Jul 19
NM0375 Gas insulated metal enclosed switchgear SF6 emission reduction measurement and monitoring methodology Submission approved 08 May 17
NM0374 Introduction of low resistivity wire or cable to new or existing power line Submission approved 07 Nov 16
NM0373 Introduction of a new district cooling system Submission approved 07 Nov 16
NM0372 Recovery of Coke oven gas for production of LNG Submission approved 03 Dec 14
NM0371 Displacement of more intensive GHG fossil fuels with Natural gas in electric grids that face natural gas supply shortage Submission not approved 22 Nov 13
NM0370 Consolidated baseline and monitoring methodology for project activities using alternative raw materials that do not contain carbonates for soda ash production Submission not approved 25 Feb 14
NM0369 Baseline and monitoring methodology for electricity generation from biomass residues combined with solar thermal power-only plants Submission approved 22 Nov 13
NM0368 Renewable natural gas production from vinasse anaerobic digestion Submission approved 25 Feb 14
NM0367 Fossil natural gas substitution by renewable natural gas produced from the anaerobic digestion of organic waste Submission approved 25 Feb 14
NM0366 Cl2 recycling by catalytic oxidation of HCl instead of electrolysis of HCl aqueous solution Submission approved 03 Jun 14
NM0365 Less carbon intensive power generation through Continuous Reductive (ĎAlambicí) Distillation of wastes containing biogenic and fossil fuel-based carbon Submission approved 08 Oct 13
NM0364 Rail Methodology Withdrawn 18 Dec 13