Finalized requests for clarification on approved large scale methodologies

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Reference Request for clarification Current Status Last update
AM_CLA_0189 Conversion of Open Cycle Gas Turbines to Combined Cycle mode at Kallpa Thermoelectric Power Plant Final Response published 23 Aug 10
AM_CLA_0188 Clarification on the term cogeneration with respect to the benchmark sample group Final Response published 23 Aug 10
AM_CLA_0187 Clarification for calculation of average historic campaign length (CLnormal) and application of N2O concentration over the upper limit of QAL 2 valid Range Final Response published 23 Aug 10
AM_CLA_0186 Clarification is requested for baseline emissions in cases of power export prior to implementation of PA Final Response published 08 Jul 10
AM_CLA_0185 Clarification of which project data and variables must be available at start of project validation and which data shall be available at first verification of emission reductions Final Response published 08 Jul 10
AM_CLA_0184 The applicability of the methodology to the existing recovery activity and only to the distribution part. Final Response published 16 Jun 10
AM_CLA_0183 Allowing alternative and conservative calculation of emission reduction from a CMM power plant Final Response published 16 Jun 10
AM_CLA_0182 Inquiries regarding the correct application of AM0058 with respect to baseline identification and determination of additionality Final Response published 08 Jul 10
AM_CLA_0181 Applicability of ACM0002 to hydropower plants increasing power output through control and removal of the sedimentation accumulating in existing reservoirs Final Response published 08 Jul 10
AM_CLA_0180 Clarification regarding the applicability condition n°5 of ACM0018 version 01 (biomass preparation) Final Response published 16 Jun 10
AM_CLA_0179 Query regarding the Baseline selection in methodology AM0087, version 01 Final Response published 08 Jul 10
AM_CLA_0178 Applicability of AM0057 to avoided emissions from biomass wastes through use as feed stock in pulp and fibre board Final Response published 08 Jul 10
AM_CLA_0177 Question regarding applicability of AM0053 to biogenic methane collected from biodigestion of sewage sludge, in combination with AM0025. Final Response published 08 Jul 10
AM_CLA_0176 Clarification of the method of estimation of the electricity that would be generated by the operation of the power plant in open cycle mode in the baseline scenario based on the historical load situation Final Response published 08 Jul 10
AM_CLA_0175 Usage of carbon black as an additional additive material blended with clinker in the manufacturing of blended Cement Final Response published 06 Apr 10
AM_CLA_0174 Clarification on whether power generation can be reduced due to increased grid supply due to factors outside the scope of the project activity. Final Response published 06 Apr 10
AM_CLA_0173 Clarification for Computing the emission reductions - Sasan Power Ltd.
AM_CLA_0172 Recalculation of baseline emission factor due to shortening of campaign length
AM_CLA_0171 Applicability of the baseline scenario as Coal based Captive Power plant in a green field project in which WHRB and AFBC boiler based power plant are implemented