Finalized requests for clarification on approved large scale methodologies

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Reference Request for clarification Current Status Last update
AM_CLA_0249 Suitability of ACM0001 for an unplanned expansion of a CDM project activity EB link added 08 Oct 13
AM_CLA_0248 Application of a new version of an approved methodology EB link added 17 May 17
AM_CLA_0247 Clarification on the applicability of ACM0002 Version 13.0.0 to a hydropower project activity EB link added 08 Oct 13
AM_CLA_0246 Clarification on additionality of first of its kind project with Tool for the demonstration and assessment of additionality EB link added 04 Jun 13
AM_CLA_0245 Clarification on Annex I option 2 of ACM0012 version 4 EB link added 04 Jun 13
AM_CLA_0244 Request for clarification on the applicability of the Methodology ACM0001 to project types that supply compressed LFG by trucks to end-users EB link added 04 Jun 13
AM_CLA_0243 Clarification of definitions (plant and facility) in the context of two or more renewable energy plants (geothermal or hydro) sharing the same resources EB link added 04 Jun 13
AM_CLA_0242 Applicability of project specific baseline scenarios stated in ACM 00012,Version 4 EB link added 04 Jun 13
AM_CLA_0241 The eligibility of the combination of ACM0002, AMS-I.D, AMS-I.A, AMS-I.F and AMS-I.L in a renewable energy PoA EB link added 08 Oct 13
AM_CLA_0240 Calculation of Project emissions in a waste heat recovery project activity EB link added 04 Jun 13
AM_CLA_0239 Clarification of the application of equation 2 in the methodology EB link added 28 Nov 12
AM_CLA_0238 Clarification on appicability criteria regarding baseline data, multiple project units and interconnection with the grid EB link added 28 Nov 12
AM_CLA_0237 Applicability of methodology to the project plants (Clinker Production) which exist at the time of validation but having less than 3 years of operating data EB link added 28 Nov 12
AM_CLA_0236 Clarification requested for 1) Estimation of remaining lifetime; 2) Determination of baseline emissions using project activity power plant EB link added 28 Nov 12
AM_CLA_0235 Clarification of the requirements for zero verification with an inert gas for the volumetric fraction of N2O EB link added 18 Sep 12
AM_CLA_0234 Requirement to conduct baseline measurements immediately before first project campaign with secondary catalyst installed EB link added 18 Sep 12
AM_CLA_0233 Clarification about the applicability condition regarding cargo transported under the project activity EB link added 24 Jul 12
AM_CLA_0232 Clarification on leakage calculations for projects not involving CNG EB link added 24 Jul 12
AM_CLA_0231 Clarification Requested EB link added 24 Jul 12
AM_CLA_0230 Clarification about project boundary in ACM0012 verson04.0 EB link added 24 Jul 12