UNFCCC Clean Development Mechanism

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Launch date

CDM website gets a revamp.

We have been busy rolling out a series of new features to make the CDM website more intuitive and user-friendly. In a few days, the CDM website will have a new look and feel, clearer structure and simplified navigation.

A whole new structure

The new navigation menu on the left contains only six items instead of 15.

About CDM includes everything you need to know to get up to speed with the clean development mechanism.

Governance contains comprehensive, up-to-date information about the CDM Executive Board, its panels and working groups, as well as other actors involved in the process, such as the designated national authorities and designated operational entities.

Rules and References consists of decisions by the CMP, rulings of the Board, procedures, standards, guidelines, clarifications, forms and information notes.

Project Cycle Search hosts all search tools and databases related to CDM projects. Visit this section to search for methodologies and track projects on various stages including validation, registration and issuance.

CDM Registry contains information about the issuance, holding, transfer and acquisition of CERs.

Stakeholder Interaction is a new section aimed at engaging and collaborating with stakeholders.

Access to extranet will now be provided from the top navigation bar, which also includes a sitemap.

Access to extranet will now be provided from the top navigation bar, which also includes a sitemap.

We have made an effort to keep the same URL addresses, which means that all your bookmarks will be still valid.

New homepage

The CDM homepage has been redesigned with a new look and feel, which includes new features such as the CDM calendar and an interactive platform that contains all news related to the clean development mechanism.

More info at the click of a button

New buttons will allow you to see more or less information at the click of a button. You can now just scan headlines and summaries and if you find a story you are interested in then click a button to expand its full content.

Interactive graphics

New features include two interactive graphics that provide background information on the CDM project cycle, the regulatory body of the mechanism, as well as its working groups and panels.