ACM0019: N2O abatement from nitric acid production --- Version 2.0

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Title N2O abatement from nitric acid production (1250 KB)
Word version (364 KB)

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Version number
Scale Large scale --- Consolidated
Status Active
Validity Valid from 31 May 13 onwards
Sectoral scope(s) 5
Sources NM0339 , NM0340

Replaces: AM0034 , AM0051
Clarifications* Applicability of ACM0019(ver.2.0) for facility revamping of a HNO3 production increase (submitted 03 Apr 15): AM_CLA_0268 (115 KB)
Previous Versions
Title N2O abatement from nitric acid production --- Version 1 (458 KB)
Version number 1.0.0
Validity Valid from 03 Jun 11 to 30 May 13
Requests for registration can be submitted until 31 Jan 2014 23:59:59 GMT
Sectoral scope(s) 5
Clarifications* Clarification of the requirements for zero verification with an inert gas for the volumetric fraction of N2O (submitted 11 Jun 12): AM_CLA_0235 (117 KB)
Revision of emission reduction calculation (submitted 13 Dec 13): AM_CLA_0255 (102 KB)
Revisions* Revision of project emissions calculation (submitted 10 Nov 11): AM_REV_0227 (172 KB)
request for revision of project emission calculation of ACM0019 “N2O abatement from nitric acid production” (version 1.0.0) (submitted 06 Aug 12): AM_REV_0245 (127 KB)

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