Renewal of crediting period cases

Undergoing completeness check (10)
Ref Name DOE
2084 Cangxi Donghe Yangmousi Hydropower Station CTCCCP
3700 13.75 MW wind power project in Davangere, Karnataka, India. Applus
3724 Wind Power Project by Sargam Retails Pvt. Ltd. in Gujarat, India Applus
3742 Bundled Wind Power Project by M/s. D. J. Malpani Applus
1834 Xacbal Hydroelectric project ICONTEC
2154 Cangxi Donghe Beituo Hydropower Station CTCCCP
2426 El Platanal Hydropower Plant ICONTEC
2058 Cangxi Donghe Likou Hydroelectric Power Station CTCCCP
2082 Cangxi Donghe Fengziyan Hydroelectric Power Station CTCCCP
2069 Cangxi Donghe Dongxi Hydropower Station CTCCCP

Undergoing information and reporting check (8)
Ref Name DOE
3684 Inner Mongolia Jingneng Chayouzhong Wind Farm Phase II Project RINA
3701 Inner Mongolia Jingneng Shangdu Jiqingliang Wind Farm Phase I Project RINA
2806 Sichuan Mabian Yi-Autonomous County Bajiaoxi Hydro Power Station CTCCCP
3934 Liaoning Linghai Shengli Wind Farm Project CTI
3857 Liaoning Linghai Nanxiaoliu Wind Farm Project CTI
0461 Pronaca: Valentina-San Javier Swine Waste Management PJR CDM
2526 Shandong Kenli Biomass Generation Project CCCI_DOE
3894 Guodian Linghai Qingsong Wind Farm Project CTI

Published (6)
Ref Name DOE
1031 Rio Taquesi Hydroelectric Power Project ICONTEC
3443 Liaoning Xingcheng Liutaizi Wind Farm Project CTI
3797 Hebei ChengAn Biomass Cogeneration Project CCCI_DOE
1032 Shandong Shanxian 1*25MW Biomass Power Plant Project CCSC_DOE
2533 Yunnan Gengma Tiechang River 12.6MW Hydropower Project RWTUV
1343 Xiaoshan Power Plant's NG Power Generation Project of Zhejiang Southeast Electric Power Co., Ltd. RWTUV

Rejected (0)
Ref Name DOE