Renewal of crediting period cases

Undergoing completeness check (6)
Ref Name DOE
0968 Incomex Hydroelectric Project RINA
2047 Guohua Inner Mongolia Huitengliang West Wind Farm Project CEC
3027 Jiangsu Xiangshui 201MW Wind Power Project RWTUV
2882 Tao River Haidianxia 60MW Hydropower Project in Gansu Province, China CCSC_DOE
3374 Helanshan Phase V 40.5MW Wind-farm Project CEC
3045 65MW Dagushan hydropower Project in China RWTUV

Undergoing information and reporting check (11)
Ref Name DOE
2140 Hebei Chongli Qingsanying 49.3MW Wind Farm Project CTI
1170 K water Wind Power Plant Project in Bang-a muri KFQ
2149 Diaobingshan New-built 49.5MW Wind Power Station Project RINA
2088 Hebei Yuxian Kongzhongcaoyuan 49.5MW Wind Farm Project CTI
2625 Yunnan Maguan Laqi Hydropower Project RWTUV
2470 Upgradation, Operation and Maintenance of 200 TPD Composting facility at Okhla, Delhi LRQA Ltd
1560 Jiaping 5MW, Pingzhong 4.4MW Hydro Power Project in Guizhou Province, China. CCSC_DOE
1314 Switching of fuel from coal to palm oil mill biomass waste residues at Industrial de Oleaginosas Americanas S.A. (INOLASA) RWTUV
2040 Hebei Shangyi Manjing West Wind Farm Project CEC
1825 Guohua Tongliao Kezuo Zhongqi Phase II 49.5 MW Wind Farm Project Applus
2844 Gansu Yongchang County Donghewan Cascaded Hydropower Project Applus

Published (6)
Ref Name DOE
1410 Irani Wastewater Methane Avoidance Project RINA
2523 Dalian Maoyingzi Landfill Gas Recovery for Power Generation Project RWTUV
1605 Shaba 24MW Hydropower Project in Yunnan Province, China CEC
0912 Quitaśna Landfill Gas Project (QLGP) LRQA Ltd
2843 Taohe Yangjiahe Hydropower Project, Gansu Province, China Applus
0953 Birahi Ganga Hydro Electric Project KBS_Cert

Rejected (0)
Ref Name DOE