Renewal of crediting period cases

Undergoing completeness check (2)
Ref Name DOE
1836 Poechos II hydroelectric plant project ICONTEC
2911 Huaneng Damao Maoming Phase I Wind Farm Project CEC

Undergoing information and reporting check (5)
Ref Name DOE
3668 Yunnan Gaohe River 3rd level Hydropower Project CCSC_DOE
2564 Xiaowutai 41.25MW Wind Power Generation Project in Shanxi Province Applus
3747 Yunnan Gaohe River 4th level Hydropower Project CCSC_DOE
3222 BRASCARBON Methane Recovery Project BCA-BRA-08, Brazil. ICONTEC
3455 BRASCARBON Methane Recovery Project BCA-BRA-05, Brazil ICONTEC

Published (6)
Ref Name DOE
2018 Baihubao 33.75MW Wind Power Generation Project in Shanxi Province Applus
2526 Shandong Kenli Biomass Generation Project CCCI_DOE
3838 Biomass Generation Project in Xun county, Henan province, P.R. China CCCI_DOE
3282 Inner Mongolia Shangdu Jiqingliang 49.5MW Wind Power Project RWTUV
4159 Longkou Hydropower Project CTI
3530 Suoi Sap 3 Hydro Power Project in Son La Province EPIC_Sust

Rejected (0)
Ref Name DOE