- Review requested

Requests for registration

A review has been requested by either a Party involved or at least three Board members for the below listed requests for registration.

The review will be processed in accordance with the CDM project cycle procedure

The following table lists the requests for registration of proposed CDM project actvities for which review has been requested. A schedule for the reviews of these requests can be found here.

Ref Title
Request for review
Reasons for review EB meeting
No projects are currently in this state

Requests for renewal of crediting period

Once either three Board members or one Party involved request a review, a request for renewal of a crediting period for a CDM project activity is listed on this page indicating the EB meeting at which the Board will consider the request.

Ref Title
Request for review
Reasons for review EB meeting 1)
1491 CTRVV Landfill emission reduction project Request 1 (103 KB)
Request 2 (103 KB)
Request 3 (103 KB)
1247 URBAM/ARAUNA - Landfill Gas Project (UALGP) Request 1 (114 KB)
Request 2 (114 KB)
Request 3 (114 KB)
Request 4 (114 KB)
Request 5 (114 KB)

For more details on requests for review, please refer to the current "Clarifications to facilitate the implementation of the procedures for review as referred to in paragraph 41 of the CDM modalities and procedures".