- Requesting registration

Project Activities submitted for registration:

Ref Title Period for requesting review Host Parties Other Parties
10367 Flare Gas Recovery in Tabriz Oil Refinery 22 Jul 17 - 18 Aug 17 Iran (Islamic Republic of)
10381 Nam Sor Hydropower Project 22 Jul 17 - 18 Aug 17 Lao People's Democratic Republic Switzerland
10370 Renewable Power Project by the Kiran Group (EKIESL- CDM. September 15-02) 22 Jul 17 - 18 Aug 17 India
10368 Grid-connected Solar PV project in Mérina Dakhar 25 Jul 17 - 21 Aug 17 Senegal
10362 Wind Power Project by Hetero Wind Power (EKIESL-CDM-May-16-02) 10 Aug 17 - 06 Sep 17 India

    In accordance with the modalities and procedures for a CDM Decision 3/CMP.1 (735 KB) :
    "41. The registration by the Executive Board shall be deemed final eight weeks after the date of receipt by the Executive Board of the request for registration, unless a Party involved in the project activity or at least three members of the Executive Board request a review of the proposed CDM project activity. The review by the Executive Board shall be made in accordance with the following provisions:
    • (a) It shall be related to issues associated with the validation requirements;
    • (b) It shall be finalized no later than at the second meeting following the request for review, with the decision and the reasons for it being communicated to the project participants and the public".