Issuance Request for Review Form

CDM project activity/programme of activities
issuance request review form (F-CDM-IR)
(Version 01.1)

Project title of the project activity or programme of activities (PoA) for which issuance is requestedInner Mongolia Chifeng Dongshan Phase II 50MW Wind Power Project (1869)
DOE that requested for issuance and date of requestSGS (10 Sep 09)
Please indicate, in accordance with paragraphs 65 of the CDM modalities and procedures, for which reason(s) you request review
Please indicate reasons for the request for review
The PP/DOE confirmed that there are other wind farms sharing the same main meter and the appropriate separate meters were installed at the project site. The monitoring plan (p 31) states that “if some other wind farms share the same main meter with the project, the appropriate separate meters will also be installed at the project site so that the electricity generation can be monitored respectively to calculate the share of the project’s the net supply to the grid.” Further clarification is required on how the DOE verified the calculation of the share of the project’s the net supply to the grid.
Date 07 Dec 09