Programmes of Activities - Review requested

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Requests for registration

A review has been requested by either a Party involved or at least three Board members for the below listed requests for registration for CDM programme of activities.

Ref Title
Request for review
Reasons for review EB meeting 1)
No POAs found in this status at the moment

The following table lists the requests for issuance of CDM programme of activities for which review has been requested.

Ref Title Monitoring period Amount of CERs
Request for review
Reasons for review EB meeting 1)
8438 Clean Cook Stoves in Sub-Saharan Africa by ClimateCare Limited 01 Jul 2016 –30 Jun 2017 247866 POA 8438 Review 4.pdf (104 KB)
POA 8438 Review 1.pdf (104 KB)
POA 8438 Review 2.pdf (104 KB)
POA 8438 Review 3.pdf (104 KB)
6573 Caixa Econômica Federal Solid Waste Management and Carbon Finance Project 01 Jan 2017 –30 Jun 2017 553774 POA Issuance 6573-MP6-IRP1 Review 4.pdf (149 KB)
POA Issuance 6573-MP6-IRP1 Review 5.pdf (149 KB)
POA Issuance 6573-MP6-IRP1 Review 1.pdf (199 KB)
POA Issuance 6573-MP6-IRP1 Review 2.pdf (199 KB)
POA Issuance 6573-MP6-IRP1 Review 3.pdf (149 KB)

1) This column identifies the EB meeting at which the Board considers the request(s) for review. At this meeting the Board will decide whether to undertake the review and, if so, determine its scope and select a review team.