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Programme of Activities 00007359: PoA for the Reduction of emission from non-renewable fuel from cooking at household level
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ISSUANCE STATUS Request for review  
Monitoring period 28 May 2014 - 02 May 2017
Monitoring report Monitoring report.pdf (928 KB)
Request for issuance signed Issuance request form.pdf (134 KB)
Issuance request number 7359-MP1-IRP2
Amount of CERs
Host Party CERs issued CP2 CERs available to be forwarded under CP2
Kenya 111,763 111,763
Madagascar 29,273 29,273
Total 141,036 141,036
Verification and certification reports VVS/VVM version: VVS-PoA 1.0
Verification report.pdf (1315 KB)
Cerification report.pdf (1315 KB)
Additional documents PRC Validation report.pdf (448 KB)
Signed PRC form.pdf (114 KB)
Request for review 7359_RfR1.pdf (128 KB) 7359_RfR2.pdf (128 KB) 7359_RfR3.pdf (128 KB)