- Request for review

Once either three Board members or one Party involved request a review, a proposed CDM project activity is listed in the tables below.

Note that the Executive Board at its 55th meeting adopted new review procedures for registration of CDM project activities and requests for issuance of certified emission reductions (CERs). As a result, all cases for which a review was requested after 30 July, 2010 will be processed in accordance with these procedures.

Review procedures are available in the reference/documentation section of the CDM website.

The following table lists the requests for issuance for which review has been requested under the review procedures adopted at EB55. A schedule for the reviews of these requests can be found here.

Total: 0 request(s) of 0 CERs.
Ref Title Monitoring period Amount of CERs
Request for review
Reasons for review EB meeting