Executive Board Members *

Clifford Mahlung of Jamaica and Martin Hession of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland serve as Chair and Vice-Chair of the CDM Executive Board, respectively.

In July 2010, the Board appointed Martin Hession as Vice-Chair for the remainder of the term, following the resignation of Pedro Martins Barata due to personal reasons.

Clifford Mahlung, an applied meteorologist in the National Meteorological Service, Jamaica, was an alternate member of the Board in 2005-2006 and joined the Board as a member in 2008. Martin Hession, who has served on the Board as a member since 2007, is Head of Global Carbon Markets, Department of Energy and Climate Change, United Kingdom.

The positions of Chair and Vice-Chair of the Board alternate annually between a member from a Party included in Annex I to the United National Framework Convention on Climate Change and a Party not included in Annex I. Further information about nomination, election and re-election of members and alternate members of the CDM Board can be found in the Rules of procedure of the Executive Board of the CDM FCCC/KP/CMP/2005/8/Add.1

Members Alternates
Mr. Pedro Martins Barata 2 Mr. Lex de Jonge 2
Mr. Maosheng Duan 2 Ms. June Hughes 2
Mr. Philip M. Gwage 2 Mr. Paulo Manso 2
Mr. Tahar Hadj-Sadok1 Mr. Samuel Adeoye Adejuwon1
Ms. Diana Harutyunyan 2 Ms. Danijela.Bozanic 2
Mr. Martin Hession 1(Vice-Chair) Mr. Thomas Bernheim 1
Mr. Shafqat Kakakhel 1 Mr. Rajesh Kumar Sethi 1
Mr. Clifford Mahlung 2 (Chair) Mr. Asterio Takesy 2
Mr. Hugh Sealy 1 Mr. José Domingos Miguez 1
Mr. Peer Stiansen 1 Mr. Akihiro Kuroki 1
1 Term: 2 years e.g. ending prior to the first meeting in 2011
2 Term: 2 years e.g. ending prior to the first meeting in 2012

* Members and alternate members are listed in alphabetical order by Board member.
** Mr. Kamel Djemouaï has resigned on 3 August 2010.